You Don't Need A Reason - Part I

Steve Bilsborough Ministries

Most of us have seen the movie clips where in a desert scene, the actor, sweating, covered in sand, often crawling in what might seem like the final steps of his life suddenly envisions an oasis, a small tropical paradise in the midst of the blistering heat of the noon day sun with no shade to be found anywhere. Disheartened to find out that the closer he gets the less real it becomes and finally to come to know it as a “mirage.” This optical phenomenon, considered an illusion is not real, it has no tangible substance, but possibly for a few fleeting moments it brought hope to the lost and weary traveler.

As we begin our journey together through the month of September, it is my prayer that to every ready, no matter what state you find yourself in, that these experiential truths will bring real hope, not a mirage, lasting change and breakthrough to those who have sought answers to questions, solutions to problems and miracles to the impossible situations you may find yourself in from time to time. That in your journey, it will not be a “mirage” of lost hope, but rather a MIRACLE in the making.

We begin with FAITH. Faith, the word itself, can be applied to both the spiritual side of our lives and even the very natural side. We have faith in people, faith in something tangible, for example “this rope will hold my weight” that can be faith. Today, I want to talk about having faith in God. As elementary as it may be, I’m going to say it, faith is in its simplest definition, trusting God. Everybody has a measure of it, but it is not having it, it is using it.

I have had to trust God many times over the years not just in my dreams and visions to accomplish something great for God, but even in our day to day lives, praying over our children when they were sick and so forth. We fail God when we forfeit faith. In my greatest times of need, I have learned that my faith is strengthened when I open my Bible and just begin to read. Did you know that only 10% of people come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior after the age of 12. Why do you think Jesus talked about becoming as a little child in order to believe. It is in our simple childlike faith that we believe most.

The enemy to your faith is unbelief. Unbelief will limit your progress, hinder your plans and hurt your potential because we allow unbelief to be stronger than our faith. So how powerful is unbelief? Powerful enough to stop Jesus from doing anything mighty in his home town. Unbelief is the opposite of faith, it is the tool the enemy has used since his first introduction in the Garden of Eden causing Adam and Eve to question God. Unbelief carries with it an entire atmosphere, it permeates situations and causes the miraculous to be minimized, simply because we don’t believe.

Faith on the other hand simply chooses to believe. Faith does not need a touchable substance to say “it’s real” it simply says it even before it sees it. Faith will battle reason all day long because reason must see it through your senses, and faith supersedes the senses. Faith sees the once insurmountable as now insignificant and chooses to walk in spite of reason. When Jesus came to Jairus house in Mark 5, he insisted “reason” must get out of the house. He said to Jairus, “Do not be afraid; only keep on believing [in Me and my power].” Faith takes our hope off of our savings account and puts it on our Savior. It will tell you don’t put your faith in a product, put your faith in a promise. Jesus told his disciples that He would take them to the other side, and that one Word of Promise was more powerful than any boat, storm, wind or wave. Those powerful words of Jesus need to permeate our very spirit and soul today, “Only Believe.”

Now the evidence to your “belief” is in what you say. I pray that to every reader, God will amplify every word you speak for the next 30 days to remind you of the power of your words. Speak life to dead situations, speak hope to your hurt, speak provision to your lack and speak miracles to your impossibilities. Mark 11 told us to “speak to our mountains” so begin now to put a guard on your words, your lips and watch carefully, because you are about to do a 180 degree turnaround and witness the supernatural take place in your life. Say it out loud, declare it to the atmosphere, unlock what the devil has locked up in your life and speak release to everything that he has bound. Whatever you do, don’t let the trap of reason keep you from your miracle. Lock reason out of your house, and welcome faith in. Jesus said Jairus daughter was not dead, but only sleeping and they laughed. Reason will always laugh at the supernatural because it doesn’t understand it. But when Jesus said “rise up and walk” and this little 12 year old girl did what Jesus said, reason had no more to say.

Smith Wigglesworth said, “I am not moved by what I see, nor by what I feel, I am moved by what I believe.” Everything big we have ever stepped out to do for God over the past 35 years of ministry, we did so by simply trusting God, and asking Him to show us a picture of what He wanted to do, then stepping out into nothing and doing it. The resources, the finances, the people and everything else came, after we made the decision to begin. Had we waited for all the conditions to be perfect I truly believe we would have seen no great thing done. When God said start a Church, we had no people, and we lived in a foreign country. Every reason possible for us not succeed was there. The economy in the United States was at its worst, the area was not conducive to the style of ministry we have, even other Churches in the area were not happy to see us come into the area, but God spoke and we obeyed. He has not blessed us because we are great, nor because He loves us any more than anyone else. He has blessed us because we walked by FAITH.

Your faith is about to explode over these next 30 days as you follow along with me in this month of September. Remember, Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 10:17

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