Why We Must Have Revival


With the average size church in America being seventy five people or less, imagine what would happen, or better yet, what “will” happen when revival breaks out. I’ve seen a lot of great moves of God over the years, but I have no doubt that the greatest move of God I have ever seen is yet to come. It is difficult for many in the Church today to fully grasp what revival is because so many have never experienced it, it’s difficult to describe, other than to say that it’s indescribable. Some words that might bring a degree of light to it would be that it is like a wave of liquid fire sweeping over a Church where God’s presence is so strong that everything else comes to a halt. It’s overwhelming, underrated and irreplaceable with anything else, truly, there is nothing like a genuine move of God.

It started in the Upper Room in Jerusalem in Acts chapter two because people were willing to wait on God’s promise, He said, I will pour out my Spirit, and from that little room two thousand years ago, He did. Men and women were touched and changed by the Fire of the Holy Ghost, filled the streets, acting as drunk men, only not having touched a drink. They were accused of drunkenness, but innocent of all charges, radical to the point of speaking in other tongues, a witness of the evidence of being filled with the Spirit and most of all, forever changed, now to become World Changers themselves.

So imagine twenty thousand people getting saved in your city, your town, your village in the next 5 weeks, what would you do? Impossible, not at all, it has happened and will happen again, only those numbers will be small in comparison to what God is about to do. It was 1904, in Wales, where God used a young man by the name of Evan Roberts in such a mighty way. In just five weeks, history tells us that the Church in Wales grew by twenty thousand new members. Revival will do that! Revival will take the most unlikely people, the ones you never thought could ever get saved and cause them to become some of the most radical on fire Christians you have ever seen.

So whats the recipe? How does it happen right where you are. In our case, we Pastor a great Church just outside of Tampa Florida. So many are hungry for a move of God, and although we have incredible services, our Church is in continual growth and lives are being saved, healed and changed forever, I cannot say that we as a Church are “in revival” but I can say that we sure are close. You can feel the climate of revival, it’s in the air, you hear it in peoples conversations and with those indicators and a few others, you know it’s just a matter of time before all breaks loose and we see the greatest move of God ever in the history of our area.

The recipe is quite simple, but first, you don’t need everything to be right, in fact, God often moves when we least expect it. Second, not everybody has to be right. Revival wakes up the Church, brings it back to life again, but it is also the greatest season of harvest for the lost. Sinners get saved, drug addicts get set free, abusers are delivered, unregenerate fathers and husbands make things right with God, teenagers get radical and families are restored. Who wouldn’t want that? But there must be a remnant, a small but hungry group of people who will settle for nothing less that a full blown revival. That remnant must seek holiness, make the wrongs right, put away bad lifestyle habits and not be ashamed of the Gospel.

Before revival can come in its fullness, we have to get our hearts right with God, clean out our closets and make things right. There is still so much division, anger, self righteousness in Churches, not to mention the division between Churches themselves. Pastors and spiritual leaders need to put aside envy, jealousy, and the wounds they have carried from so many hurtful situations in their Churches to be able to truly shepherd a revival. Congregations and Church members that are divided, at odds, not talking must repent and come back to God by first coming back to one another. I recently preached a series of messages entitled “Clean” and I know it was God saying that there is so much to clean up in lives before His Holy Spirit can move. We need revival, we can’t live without it, and in it’s absence, our Church services are “good” at best, entertaining, somewhat enlightening, but far from transforming.

We need to exchange entertainment for engagement, performance for power and selfishness for self sacrifice, laying our lives on the altar and crying out, “One More Time.” Our minds have taken over our spirits to the point where media has become our master and politics our preacher. Our prayer closets are now lined with the finest of clothes and our homes littered with technology, our Churches have nailed the finest details in their presentation, yet lack weeping at the altars. We have traded demonstration for declaration and built our platform for a successful church on intellectual stimulation, leaving congregations in awe, but not knowing what they are in awe about.

REVIVAL, that’s what you need, we all need and it’s ours if we want it. One great service is not revival, we have them all the time. Revival is ongoing. It will pack our largest and smallest auditoriums across this nation when it is truly here. Empty church chairs will be filled, and I truly believe that many of our current Pastors will not even know what to do. In fact, with all due respect to those who lead our Churches, many of them will be out of work because they have not had pure hearts, their motive has been wrong, holding onto their positions for security, retirement plans, pensions and positions rather than a true and genuine desire to bring people to Jesus Christ. Not to be too hard on Pastors, but if Pastors were evaluated on the same scale as many in the corporate world, based on production, our sleepy Pastors in powerless pulpits would not make the cut.

Twenty Thousand people came to know Jesus Christ in five weeks in Wales because one man decided he was not going to sit by and let people go to hell. We can see this again, and again and again by simply coming to God, not with an attitude of entitlement, God owes you nothing, and if you go what you deserve, you would run to God begging for mercy right now. Get ready, because it is coming, not only because I say it, but because I know it according to the Word of God. The latter and former rain are coming together before Jesus returns, it’s His promise. Joel said, “i will pour out my spirit upon all flesh.”

Make it right, repair the breach, love your neighbor and commit yourself to a Church that is filled with the Word, the Power and the Demonstration of God. Lead the way, it might just be that God is going to use you to bring twenty thousand people into the Kingdom in the next 5 weeks.

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